solo system

Solo System-Leading Mobile Apps

Owned and operated apps like Solo Launcher, Solo Locker, Solo Lock Screen, Solo Notifier, Solo Weather provide premium inventory for Global advertisers.

Outstanding Ad Formats

Vigorous, innovative Ad formats including interstitial, in-banner, video, native and in-stream will attract and engage targeting consumers.


Native ADs

LeadHUG Native Ads Network offer better experiences of integration and great results. It means we will get your product directly in front of your users, better engagement results and higher ROIs.

Performance ADs System

The experience of LeadHUG Performance Ads System makes us qualified to provide you the most appropriate and most effective ways to promote mobile apps, which can help you quickly and easily improve campaign promotion and constantly exceed your expectations.

media buying system

Social Network

Perfecting your ASO with our help by getting tremendous amount of high quality users from biggest social network in the world.

By using Facebook and Twitter, we will be able to deliver huge amount of high quality users at any time from any place.

1.LeadHUG Campaign Programmatic Optimization

Through our unique data analysis and smart matching system, we can deliver up to 10 times higher than your usual user acquisition campaign.

2.Professional Creative Designing Team

One of the key factor in a successful advertising campaign is creative optimization, we will always do our best in designing the most effective advertising creatives.

3.We focus on performance marketing

We work mainly on performance basis because delivering high quality user is the basic of our cooperation.

Search Traffic

We provide high frequency exposures on Google for your products.

Through constant optimizing on Click Through Rate and Conversion Rate, we will steadily improve on your concern of Retention Rate, User Activity, ROI and etc.

You will have a healthier cash flow when advertising with us on CPI basis, you will only pay when there is performance.

With our unique tracking and fraud protection system, every conversion deliver is true and effective.